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TEKSTUFF Media Information

Thank you for interest in TEKSTUFF.

The TEKSTUFF media productline currently consists of the following products:

- TEKSTUFF TEKScreen: A variation of mediascreens that can be used to play any SL supported media on your own land. Each TEKScreen supports individual viewing of media for each individual resident on your land. While the TEKScreens are being sold 'no-modify', they can be easily resized from the configuration menu. All TEKScreens have to be used in conjunction with a TEKSTUFF TEKServer, which enables the actual video display for ALL TEKScreens on your land.

- TEKSTUFF TEKServer: The heart of the TEKSTUFF media setup. The TEKServer will communicate with TEKScreens, and will make them display the media that they requested to be played. The TEKSTUFF TEKServer has to be owned by the landowner, so in some cases it has to be deeded to the group owning the land. Set-up for the TEKSTUFF server is very easy and passed german Hausfrau testing. One single TEKSTUFF TEKServer can be used to serve all TEKScreens on your land within a radius of 100m.

- TEKSTUFF TEKURL: The TEKSTUFF TEKURL server was developed to support configuration of multiple TEKScreens on your land. While a single TEKScreen can be configured to play certain static media URLs or a dynamically entered media URL, when you're having multiple TEKScreens on your land, it's much easier to perform that configuration only once. Using the TEKURL server, you configure a notecard of media URLs in a central location. All the TEKScreens within a 100m range can then load their media URLs from this TEKURL server.

- TEKSTUFF TEKStart: Are you a shop-owner? A club-owner? Do you want to impress your visitors? Do you use a greeter that gives out notecards and items to inform your customers or visitors? Why not add the TEKSTUFF TEKStart server. This server can be used to automatically start a Second Life supported media stream to people entering within a certain distance of it. The media will be displayed for this specific resident, on all TEKStuff TEKScreens on your land.

- TEKSTUFF TEKHud: A product still in development, the TEKSTUFF TEKHud is a personalized media screen, to be worn on your HUD, with all the features of the well-known TEKScreens, easily resizable and automatically aligned on your viewerscreen. The TEKHud is intended to be used in areas where highly individualized content needs to be viewed. Think about watching a video-tutorial while actually performing it in-world at the same time!

TEKSTUFF is a company owned by Veronika Garzo (designer) and Bulli Schumann (tekkie), dedicated to the creation of innovative TEKSTUFF, with simplicity and ease of use in mind. Our mission is to create simple but useful tools which will enhance you Second Life experience. Custom projects on request.