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NEWS - Youtube-enabled viewer

Since editing the hosts file can be a bit cumbersome, we've decided to integrate the Youtube functionality inside the Second Life viewers.

We've started with adjusting the regular Linden Lab viewer 1.23.5:

Download the TEKSTUFF viewer here

Download the file, and then open it. It will install the TEKSTUFF viewer like you would install the regular LL viewer.

Use this new application to start your viewer and be able to watch Youtube video's on TEKSTUFF media-screens. Feel free to share this viewer with other residents in Second Life.

Since this new viewer is based on the LL viewer, it does comply with the Third Party Viewer policy and we will be applying for a registration in the viewer directory.

As soon as the Emerald-team gives a statement about complying with the Third Party Viewer policy, we will be releasing an Emerald-based TEKSTUFF viewer as well.


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