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NEWS - Youtube movies can be viewed with the common Version 1 SL viewers


Since March 18th, 2010, Youtube has changed their protocols, securing the way media is used outside of their website. This means that since this date, none of the pre-SL2.0 TV's have been able to show Youtube movies anymore. TEKSTUFF Media screens are still able to show all media that is supported by SL, i.e. all media that is supported by Quicktime. While Youtube has tightened their protocols, we at TEKSTUFF have been very busy to find a solution to still be able to watch Youtube inside SL, without the need for shared media features of SL V2. To re-enable Youtube movies on you TEKSTUFF media screen, you (and everyone that wants to see Youtube-movies on a TEKSTUFF screen) need to make a change to a file on your computer.

== Windows users ==

  • Navigate to the folder "C:\Windows\"
  • Open the 'Notepad' program that can be found in this folder (on Windows Vista and Windows 7, you may need to use 'Run as Administrator')
  • use the menu option 'File', then 'Open' and navigate to the folder "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc"
  • Open the file "hosts" - Put the following line at the end of the file

  • Save the file and close Notepad.

This SHOULD be enough to get Youtube media running on TEKSTUFF media screens again.

Instructions for Mac and Linux users will provided on request.

Known issues: *** This fix will currently NOT work if you have a 'proxy server' configured in your internet options *** If we find an easier or alternative way to deal with this issue, we will post another update. Veronika Garzo Bulli Schumann